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Cute graphics and music.

Rest in bubbles, Kappa!

Damn, it was usually taking me ~90 seconds, nice time. :D


I enjoyed the cute art style, but the technical issues made me not get further then the second dialogue part. The boxes rounded corners of the platforms make the character slip off, and there is no leniency for when you can and can't jump. I suggest 

for concrete tips.

The UI looks fine, but it would have been better if the tutorial message wasn't put away in the corner. Also, the walls are sticky, as in you fall slower down if you hold walk while fallign alongside the walls/platforms. And there also seems to be a bug with jumping while colliding with a wall, giving you a massive jump boost.

Thank you for your feedback and the video!  

I was aware of the double jump bug but I decided to leave it as a speedrunning feature because I couldn't fix it in time. The game is winnable as it is but for the last few jumps you have to make sure to jump off the edge of a platform and not the center. I didn't have enough time to make my friends QA test it either and it shows.