A downloadable Smolworld for Windows

Smolworld UwU EXTREME is a game that started as a co-op with AI, went through shooter phase and finally settled down as a 3D visual novel with weaponized roombas.

Can you find out how to actually complete the game? 99% of people couldn't do this simple task [TOTALLY NOT A CLICKBAIT].

De Troix: Become Smol, I mean Smolworld is waiting for you to play!

Also I focused too much on 3D modeling while the gameplay loop was incomplete. We really needed a blueprint guy in our team. T^T Still, I've learned so much that it's been the most amazing gamejam ever to me.

Third party assets used:

  • BGM from WeLoveIndies ("After the Rain", "Win Some, Lose Some", "Joey", "Lights on Low", "Julie 27s Place", "Home Stretch", "I Lift My Hat", "First Round", "More or Less", "Stroller Coaster")
  • Cel-Shader & Outline by Lunar Garde, UE Marketplace
  • Fog material from Cartoon Water Shader pack by Sandvector Studios, UE Marketplace


Smolworld UwU EXTREME.zip 350 MB

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