Z - FLY UP / X - FIRE (Alternatively use your mouse buttons)

Thank you for noticing me OwO and playing my game! It has been my first game jam, first 2D game, first try at pixel art and first "8-bit" song EVER. Learning all of this in just a week has been an AMAZING experience for me.

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Side Scroller


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Absolutely adorable game, very simple yet really fun

Thanks! <3


Harder than it looks! :D Tried twice but I got owned even on the second try when I thought I would be able to beat it :p

I'll try again later, but it's a well-made game, congrats!

Just, FYI: Z and X are not side to side on my keyboard. X and C are a better choice, usually.

Congrats! Especially for your 1st jam =)

Thank you! I regret that I didn't have enough time to polish everything, adjust difficulty, add actual options to the game etc but it was really fun anyway. :D